Kait Van Hoff

CEO & Founder

Kait started Revitalize 4 years ago after having a major break through with self-love. It changed her life in the best way possible, and she wants to share that with others. She's a big advocate for living a balanced and healthy life. Kait loves helping people be in tune with themselves through yoga and connecting with the outdoors on each retreat.

Kait can always be found exploring the outdoors and taking advantage of the beautiful canyons by snowboarding, hiking, biking, and camping. Anything with mountains and fresh air, she's in!

Kait's passionate about mindfulness, personal development, family and friends, puppies, the outdoors, and connection. 

Kait currently resides in Salt Lake City, UT.

Becka Crowe 

Wellness Expert

Becka is a wellness expert, reiki practitioner, mindset coach &, and host of the Vibe Tribe Wellness Podcast. In her early 20’s, poor food choices and an unhealthy lifestyle began take a toll on her body, which led to a personal rock bottom moment. For her own mental and physical health, she knew it was time to make a change that western medicine had failed to do. Becka begin doing her own research and reversed all her health ailments naturally through food, wellness practices and energy healing.

She can be found creating delicious recipes in her kitchen, travelling, hiking and spending time with family and friends.

Becka is passionate about transforming her life and others by awakening the body, mind and soul.

Kyla Ritchie 

Certified Personal Trainer

Kyla is a certified personal trainer, and owner of Kyritchfit. Kyritchfit is a business and brand built around helping women live their healthiest, positive, and most balanced lifestyle. She has helped thousands of women transform their bodies and minds through everyday exercise, healthy eating, and practicing self-love. 

Kyla naturally transitioned from gymnast/cheerleader to personal trainer/coach. Fortunate enough to live an athletic/healthy life, she hopes to share her wealth of knowledge in the health and fitness with as many people as possible!

Kyla firmly believes you should be able to enjoy your life, enjoy a glass of wine (or two), and still look banging.