What can I expect on a Revitalize Retreat?
Expect to explore some of the most incredible places in the world with amazing, like-minded friends! Every day is filled with fun adventures, immersing yourself in the culture, and beautiful flows curated especially for YOU. Get ready to dig deep, get out of your comfort zone, and have a life changing experience.
What's included?
Each retreat will vary a little but typically we include lodging, most meals, yoga classes everyday, 1-2 planned adventures/excursions, and transportation. The afternoons that you have free time you're welcome to relax or plan another adventure. You can find what's included on each retreat page.
Do I need to book my own flight?
Yes! You are responsible for booking your own flight. Each retreat will have a suggested arrival time and departure that you will receive upon signing up.
How do I get from the airport to the retreat house?
We provide airport transportation for you and will get your flight info from you after signing up.
How old do I need to be to sign up?
You need to be at least 21 years old to attend a Revitalize Retreat
What kind of food can I expect?
The most amazing, healthy, and fresh food! We bring in a local, professional chef that cooks for us the whole time while we're on the retreat. They always offer very healthy and amazing options for all. We can accommodate to all food preferences and/or dietary restrictions, just please let us know when signing up.
Can I come early or stay later?
Yes, of course you can!! This is your retreat and your adventure!! However, if you come early or stay later you are responsible for you transportation and accommodations. 
Is travel insurance mandatory?
For all of our international Revitalize Retreats, travel insurance is mandatory. We want you to stay safe and want your experience to be a smooth one. You will not be able to attend without proof of travel insurance prior to attending the retreat.
What do I pack?
After signing up you will receive a welcome packet that includes a schedule, packing list, and more.
How much free time will I have?
We intentionally plan out each retreat so that there is a healthy balance of free time and structured time. We want you to be able to relax and have time to explore as well as connect with each other.
What is the age range typically on each retreat?
The age range varies every retreat from 21-50 years old!
Do I need to be a pro at yoga to attend a retreat?
No, you don't need to be a pro. We welcome all levels of yoga, fitness, and adventure! Our retreats offer opportunities of growth and experience and we always encourage you to keep an open mind no matter your level.
Can I attend a Revitalize Retreat alone?
Yes! About half or more of our attendees come alone. Traveling alone is a perfect way to meet new friends in a safe and amazing environment with like-minded individuals.
How many people will be on the retreat?
Each retreat varies a little bit but we have about 10-20 people. We choose to have a more "intimate" size group so that we can all really get to know each other and create a community full of connection and support.
Is my ticket refundable?
If a cancellation is made 60 days or more prior to the retreat departure date, then everything BUT your deposit is refundable. If a cancellation is received 30-60 days  prior to the retreat start date, 50% of the retreat cost is refundable. If a cancellation is received within 30 days of the retreat start date, there is no refund.
Do you offer discounts or payment plans?
We offer a limited amount of early bird pricing that is $100 off for the first 10 people. When you sign up it's only 25% down to reserve your spot, then 60 days before the retreat we will charge you for the remaining amount.
How do I contact you?
You can email us at info@revitalize-retreat.com